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Samsung dryer repair, dryer repair (fast booking page.)

Trained by the best!

Our expert dryer repair technicians are thoroughly trained and with extensive brand experience. We provide top-notch dryer repair services to Fort Smith and the River Valley.  


Bill, our lead Technician has years of experience!  As a former Sears Home Service Mentor Technician he was factory trained on the Kenmore brand, which includes the brands Whirlpool, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Samsung, and LG to mention a few.  Most recently he received the Speed Queen Authorized Laundry Technician certification from the ALS University.


Most broken dryer service calls are “airflow” related. In order for a dryer to work correctly you must have good airflow. This means intake air, and exhaust air from the dryer.  If the dryer can’t breath, the dryer will run hotter. Hot is bad, especially when overheating a temperature fuse or sensors. This normally will cut off the heater circuit. (Clothes won't dry)  


Solution: Clean the dryer intake vents often, normally on the back panel of the dryer.


A clogged house vent duct is even worse for your dryer.  Now that the hot exhaust air won't exit efficiently, it creates a fire hazard with the back pressure inside the dryer.  Back pressure inside the dryer is a bad thing to have. The lint trap will no longer be catching most of the lint, instead it's just circulating lint around the inside of the dryer.  Both gas and electric dryers have open flames, or red hot elements that easily can ignite the lint as it passes through the heater.


Solution: Have your vent duct professionally cleaned, or at least clean it as a do it yourself project.  We also sell the cleaning kits, available on our parts website. Part # RLE202


When scheduling service with us, our appliance repair technicians will  respect your home while repairing and servicing your appliances.

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