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Connecting the dryer vent

Replace all white vinyl or foil venting with all metal venting. If you have white vinyl or foil venting behind the dryer or throughout the venting system it should be replaced with flexible metal or rigid metal venting. Most of the time the white or foil expandable will collapse with heat or the dryer will eventually be pushed back on to the vent. Please note that both types of expandable are flammable and will burn if lint is ignited. Lowes stock a universal flexible metal vent kit v450-td-loop that has mostly everything you need to hook up the dryer vent. Most dryer repair service call are because the dryer vent was crunched or clogged. If you need dryer repair, or dryer vent repair we can help. We are experts on Dryer repairs. Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool to name a few..

We Recommend using the "loop" method. See Image.

Dryer Loop Method

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